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  • 07:37 AM
  • abihail created a new group, Online_Prayer in General
    04:02 AM
  • We must almost constantly be adjusting our sails. So glad I found this place through Isaac Chacon, thanks buddy.
    Oct 15
  • "Rien n'est plus puissant qu'une idée dont le temps est venu; rien n'est plus préjudiciable qu'une personne qui nourrit encore de vielles idées."
    Oct 02
  • Les perdants abandonnent quand ils échouent. Les gagnants échouent jusquà ce qu'ils réussissent!
    Oct 02
  • "Worthless people live only to eat and drink; people of worth eat and drink only to live." -Socrates
    Sep 21
  • "Confidence on the outside begins by living with integrity on the inside." -- Brain Tracy
    Sep 18
  • #Learn something new. #Try something different. #Convince yourself that you have no limits! Please '' LIKE '' or comment "YES" if you agree!
    Sep 16
  • Its amazing that just simply changing your job and taking a cut in pay, the wonders of the world become clear.
    Aug 19
  • Stop where you are. Ask yourself; how is my life? If anything other the great, change your attitude. Without a change in attitude you will never obtain happiness. A man was once asked when did he become successful. "I was successful even on the park bench." He had the attitude of success regardless of his circumstances . Change your attitude and your world will change.
    Aug 19
  • Emily Fuller joined the group hats
  • Can any one define success?
    Jun 17
  • We are to serve one another one of the greatest teachers Jesus was a server so That's why I do it. As well as daily affirmations!
    Jun 09
  • There is nothing like a big juicy chicken sandwich and a super bomb protein milkshake after a chest and tri workout. #theactivelifestyle.
    Jun 04
  • A good friend of mine told me that we feed our body more than we feed our minds.
    Apr 14
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